The epitome of comfort and multifunctionality


Experience the future of sofa beds with our new concept - Neah

This cutting-edge creation is born from the fusion of innovation, timeless design and an unmatched comfort, making it an absolute game-changer in the world of home furnishings.





Neah is not just a sofa,
it’s a multifunctional marvel

With effortless ease, it transforms from a stylish sofa into a luxurious family lounger or expands into a bed.

Each mattress panel is meticulously covered with premium textile, ensuring a polished look in every configuration.

Neah adapts to your ever-changing needs.

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Neah’s versatility extends to its size and design options.
Choose from three sizes, three distinct arm styles and a selection of fabric options.
Neah seamlessly integrates with any interior design vision.


Neah with Slim arm

The Slim arm is ideal for compact spaces with square metres is limited. 

Neah with Curved arm

The Curved arm adds a touch of sophistication.

Neah with Standard arm

Choose the Standard arm for a classic look.

Make every moment a comfortable one



Unmatched comfort,
different styling.

At the heart of Neah’s exceptional comfort lies its innovative mattress construction. We have reimagined the traditional sofa bed experience, crafting a masterpiece with a no-zag suspension system and a pocket spring core encased in a plush high resilient OEKO-TEX® foam layer. This means you get a double dose of spring-on-spring comfort that guarantees the most exquisite sofa bed experience you have ever encountered. Neah transforms your living space into a sanctuary of relaxation, and it is ready for you every single day.

Craft your own vision
with the power of customization

Express your unique style with Neah.
It’s available in three commercial CULP LiveSmart performance textiles, ready to elevate your space immediately.


365 Halifax Shell

366 Halifax Antique

367 Halifax Wicker

Outstanding comfort with a safe finish

While other brands offer textiles with performance fiber OR finish, LiveSmart combines both to give our fabrics unmatched durability and longevity. LiveSmart fabrics are produced exclusively with performance yarns that are encapsulated with a stain-repellent and moisture-repellent finish for exceptional cleanability. Developed with years of research and testing,LiveSmart technology provides lasting performance at a great value.
All our fabrics meet or exceed standards for ASTM performance and safety.

Check out our resources page for more information about LiveSmart technology.


Durability that ensures your fabric looks as beautiful as the day you bought it


PFAS free fabric that offers protection down to the performance yarn.


Innovative chemistry that repels water and moisture while allowing air to flow freely


Stain technology that goes beyond preventing stains to resisting them

Protection made to last

Clean furniture in as little as three steps

For superior cleanability, LiveSmart fabrics combine unmatched stain resistance and moisture repellency.

Watch your spills bead up, as ourinnovative barrier protection prevents messes from penetrating fabric.
Cleanup is transformed to an easy swipe of a paper towel.
* The removal of dried non-liquid spills may require the use of a soft brush or butter knife on the affected area before following with wet treatment

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