Neah with Standard arms
perfect for a classic living room


N E A H  S T A N D A R D  A R M

Neah is a timeless design with an unmatched comfort

A masterful fusion of sophistication and optimal comfort.
Crafted to impart a timeless aesthetic to your living space, this arm brings an air of refinement to any setting.
Its classic design is a testament to enduring style, seamlessly complementing diverse interiors.

Beyond the visual charm, the Neah standard arm prioritizes your comfort.
With ergonomics at the forefront of its design, it offers unparalleled support and relaxation.
Enjoy moments of repose in style thanks to this arm’s impeccable blend of aesthetics and coziness.

Elevate your home with Neah’s standard arm, where timeless allure meets peak comfort,
and let it redefine your living experience.

N E A H  S T A N D A R D  A R M

Neah’s versatility extends to its size and design options.

In urban living the interior spaces become smaller and smaller
leaving less space for traditional furniture solutions.
If you are living compact or just need to gain more space in your home
- Neah with Standard arms is an ideal choice.

Craft your own vision with the power
of customization

Express your unique style with Neah.
It’s available in three commercial CULP LiveSmart performance textiles, ready to elevate your space immediately.


365 Halifax Shell

366 Halifax Antique

367 Halifax Wicker

Neah’s versatility extends to its size and design options

Choose from three sizes. 
Neah seamlessly integrates with any interior design vision.


Neah Full with Standard arm

Bed size: 55" x 79"

Neah Queen with Standard arm

Bed size: 63" x 79"

Neah King with Standard arm

Bed size: 71" x 79"