Newilla with Excess arms with storage beyond expectations

N E W I L L A  E X C E S S  A R M

Elevate your living space
with Newilla

Newilla’s design is a game-changer in the sofa bed market. It is so stylish and comfortable that you want to use it as your everyday sofa. Whether you are lounging, hosting guests, or simply enjoying your daily routine, Newilla seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle.

N E W I L L A  E X C E S S  A R M

Make Newilla your everyday sofa bed 

Elevate your living space with Newilla – the contemporary sofa bed concept that blends impeccable style with unbeatable comfort.
Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary.
Make Newilla your everyday sofa bed and experience the future of modern living today.

The Newilla Excess arm is available with a walnut wood tray that easily can substitute a side table.

N E W I L L A  S T A N D A R D  A R M

Storage Beyond Expectations

In today’s world, we understand the value of extra storage room, especially in smaller living spaces. Newilla addresses this need with ample storage space both in the sofa base and the lounger base. With Newilla you can keep your essentials close at hand while maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Craft your own vision with the power of customization

Express your unique style with Newilla. It’s available in three commercial CULP LiveSmart performance textiles, ready to elevate your space immediately.


255 Adario Basmati

256 Adario Fog

257 Adario Taupe

Versatility meets elegance with Newilla

Newilla offers three distinctive arm designs to suit your preferences. 

The choice is yours, and each design adds a touch of sophistication to your living space. Add the reversible lounger, simply insert it left or right between the sofa and armrests, and create a stylish sectional sofa that is perfect for any modern living room setting.


Newilla lounger chair with Excess arm

Bed size: 39" x 75"

Newilla with Excess arm

Bed size: 57" x 79"

Newilla with Lounger and Excess arm

Bed size: 57" x 118"