We are putting our sustainable beliefs into action


C L I M A T E    C O N S C I O U S

Flatpacking enables maintenance and recycling

Our products are circular by design, encouraging repair or recycling. Most of our sofas are sold in separate pieces for the consumer to assemble which ensures that parts of the sofa bed can be maintained or replaced as years go by. This makes for longer use and less environmental impact.

Our ambition is to make it easy to service, refresh or renew your sofa bed from Innovation Living. Flat packed furniture is not only ideal for optimized transportation, but also brilliant for access in tight, urban areas with narrow staircases and hallways.

We urge our users to reconsider before disposing of a sofa. We provide the option of prolonging or extending a products life cycle by offering spare parts, offering covers or renewable parts. Offering this option encourages to engage in circular consumer patterns instead of purchasing new. Give your Innovation Living product a second life by reusing, refurbishing or repairing it.


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